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Target Lasergaming

The players
The players are divided into 2 teams that compete against each other. With at least 6 up to 20 players in the game, it is meant to score as many points as possible by eliminating your opponent.

In the solo game variant each player is on its own, so ensure yourself you have a rocksolid gameplan. For groups with less than 8 people there is a chance that they will be merged with another group. Groups of more than 20 people are divided into multiple teams.

The minimum age to join is 8 years.

The preparation
Before the game begins, a Marshall tells you the rules of the game. Each player receives a laser vest equipped with sensors that register all of your actions. At the end of each game, you will get a personal scoresheet with a detailed overview of the results obtained.

The arena
During the game, cautiously walk through the hallways of the two-storey hallway for 15 minutes. A maze full of light and sound effects. The tension is cut...
Beware of the boobytraps!

The bar
After a nervous game, there is the space and place to cool off in our cozy bar while enjoying a drink and a bite. Here are also several telly screens on which you can track all the movements of the teams that are playing!

We mainly deal with reservations. Book in a timely manner to avoid disappointments.


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