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Many old buildings are kept in Groningen like the Martini tower and Goudkantoor for example. But also courtyards and the main Station.

Martini tower
For more than 500 years the Martini Tower rises above the city. The current tower is the third tower that was built and measures 97 meters. The first tower was only 30 meters and stood for more then 2 centuries. The second tower had a height of 45 meters, but was destroyed by lightning after 13 years. They started rebuilding in 1469 and the tower was completed in 1482 with a total height of 127 meters. As a celebration of the defeat of the Belgian troops there were fireworks from the tower with a disastrous result: the tower burnt down till 69 meters. The last restoration completed in 1627 and the tower is since then 97 meters. A nice climb for a beautiful view over the city.

Main Station
The Groninger Main Station is much more than 'only' a place where you take your train in a hurry.

It is: “the cathedral of the winged wheel”, the entrance gate of the city and moreover a very important monument. Standing in the main hall, you can feel yourself a traveler from the 19th century, with waiting halls for different class, stained glass windows, beautifully decorated ceilings and a wonderful 6 meters high wrought iron lantern in the middle of the hall.

Court Yards
Are you looking for silence in the city?
Go and find one of the 30 court yards which the city offers. It is a piece of stilled city, often hidden behind an impressive door. Originally the houses were meant for the sick, pilgrims, poor and old people kept by churches or charity. You can walk a special tour to enjoy the most special ones.

The Goudkantoor was built in 1635 as a tax office. The writing: “Date Caesari quae sunt Ceasaris” or ' Give the emperor what belongs to the emperor'  reminds us of this fact.

With its richly decorated facades this is the last building in Groningen in the Renaissance style.  It only got the name Goudkantoor: (Gold Office) in the 19th century. There was a complete restoration in 1996 and the office is since then a restaurant.

Ware houses
Groningen used to be an important trade centre. This appears from the many ware houses which are still in and around the main centre. The most beautiful ware houses are to be found in the so called: A-quarter. The former harbor was at the Hoge der Aa. From the 12th century on buildings arose here, used as living- as well as ware houses. Most of the ware houses are now meant for living.