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Paintball Groningen

The game
During a paintball arrangement, different game modes can be played. Participants can choose which form fits best with the group. Of course, we also have a suit specifically for the man or woman who wants to prove in extreme form, usually against will and thanks. Often this person is "single" for a couple of days before his/her wedding.

A variant that we regularly use in team building events is a form in which a small group of participants must take a course. In the time they receive, they must try to fill a treasure chest, with all kinds of treasures they can find here and there. 1 person in the group has no weapon and is the only one who can collect these treasures.

This person has an overall in a different color; his team members must protect him by disabling opponents and by shielding incoming hits. The opponents try to hit the treasure hunter as often as possible. Success is determined by the extent to which team members are willing to sacrifice themselves for the treasure hunter.


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Mon up to Fri: 10:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.

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