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Groninger Museum
The Groninger Museum, opposite of the railway station, is the most remarkable and bespoken museum in Groningen. Not only because of the building itself, which is a design of the Italian architect Mendini, but also because of its collections. There were expositions of the Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, the Russian painter Repin and the American photographer Andres Serrano. The main collection contains a large amount of porcelain and art of the Groninger Ploeg.

Nederlands stripmuseum
This comic museum is the latest museum in Groningen and the only one in the Netherlands that puts comic central. The main collection shows us works of comics like: Suske and Wiske, Jan Jans and the children, DirkJan and many more.

Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum
At this museum you can find all kinds of information about the trade over water in Groningen. Within the museum is also the Niemeyer Tobacco museum with a collection of pipes and other objects concerning tobacco.

Grafisch Museum
This graphic museum is found outside of the citycentre. It shows us the history of the printing press from the earliest methods till the current printing. There are also varied expositions.

The University Museum has a large collection of instruments and objects which were used at the University of Groningen. These concern materials for medicine, science, biology and psychology.