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Martini church
The origin of this church lies around 1230 and the church has frescoes from the 13th century and one of the largest baroque organs of Northern Europe. The Martine church was arising from a Roman gothic Basilica from 1230. The choir was built around 1430 and stands remarkably high above the other roofs of the church. During the restoration of 1961-1975 the church was restored in its old style and variant wall and ceiling paintings were revealed.

Inform at the Tourist Office for the opening times.

De AA Church
There is the presumption that the Drentse Aa used to form a harbor at the place where the Vismarket is. This was during the middle Ages. In those days there was a wooden church nearby this harbor in honor of the patron of the skippers. The church was dedicated in 1226 under the name: Church of the Fair Lady of the Aa. The church was rebuilt in gothic style during the 15th century. The Aa church doesn’t have a religious purpose anymore but it can be used for receptions, concerts or expositions.

The design of the synagogue was cooperation between the architect Tjeerd Kuiper from Amsterdam and the architect Ij. Van de Veen from Groningen. The building shows us a mixture of different styles with a main impression of the Spanish style of the 13th century.

The synagogue doesn’t have a religion function anymore.

This cathedral of the bisdom of Groningen was recently restored. The church is a masterpiece of the famous P.J.H. Cuypers and it was dedicated in 1887. Cuypers was inspired by the 14th century old Broerchurch in Zuthpen.
The 6 sided tower is also called the drunken man tower, because from where you look: you can always see two dials.