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Cancellation conditions

It can always happen that you have made a booking at the Simplon Youth Hotel and yet something unexpected intervenes.
That can happen to anyone.
In that case, the following cancellation policy applies:

Until when can you cancel for free?

When you've made a reservation in our hotel, you receive a confirmation letter by post or e-mail.
In this letter or e-mail we mention the date until which you can cancel for free.
Keep this date in mind, because when you cancel after this date we might have to charge cancellation costs.

Booked at short notice?

If you made a booking a few days before arrival, we might not be able to send a confirmation letter in due time.
We will then have to send a cancellation fee if you do not arrive or when you come with less people than reserved.

Cancellation costs

If you cancel after the date specified in the confirmation letter, we are forced to charge a cancellation fee. We apply the following rate:

Until the day of arrival
Dormitories: 7,50 per person per night
Rooms:  70% of the price of the room

On the day of arrival
Dormitories: 100% of the price of the dorm
Rooms:  100% of the price of the room

Breakfast can be pre-cancelled free of charge upto 24 hours.
After that, you pay the normal rate of € 5,50 for breakfast.

This also applies if you are on the day itself and nonetheless decide not to use the ordered breakfast: you get no money back in that case.